A new radio controlled model boat club has formed for Sonoma County and it meets once a month at the Lucchesi Pond in Petaluma. The club goes by the name SoCoBo (for Sonoma County Boaters.)

Here is a link to their website: http://socoboaters.webs.com/
and this is a discussion thread about the group on the RC Groups forum: RC Groups/SoCoBo.

This new group has met a couple of time this spring and is up to about 10 members. It is an easy-going group of scale model boaters enjoying each others company and operating their boats. The only rules are to have fun and be respectful of wildlife and other users of the park.

The recent get together on April 30th included model boats of all kinds, sail boats, speed boats, a Coast Guard lifeboat, and even an unfinished 6-foot long model of an oil tanker!

Dave Porter, founder of the club, is working on a portable scale marina so the boats have a place to dock during club events.

Watch for the next event in May and visit Lucchesi Pond to either operate your own model boat with some like-minded people, or just watch some impressive models in operation.

Here are a couple pictures taken by Dave Porter from the last event.

Have fun,


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