There are a lot of racing events this weekend, befitting Father’s day.

For you full size race fans you can read about NASCAR and local Petaluma Speedway races on the Above the Brim blog.

Outdoor Racing at Petaluma Plaza

Outdoor Racing at Petaluma Plaza

But this is a blog about all hobbies miniature, and there is some good miniature racing this weekend too.

Saturday there will be on-road racing at the Petaluma Plaza. HobbyTown USA will be hosting 1/10th scale parking lot racing from 10am until about 6pm in the parking lot next to Quizno’s and Pizza Hut. There will be electric and nitro powered car and truck racing with plenty of action.

Here is a video of one of our races.

You can read more about the race program at the HobbyTown of Petaluma website.

dNano Micro RC racing

dNano Micro RC racing

Sunday at HobbyTown we will be hosting indoor test drives for Father’s Day, we will have our slot car track, dNano micro RC track, and mini RC foam track  set up for free test drives from 12pm to 5pm. Bring Dad down to try a few laps.

Here is a video of one of our dNano races.

Also on Sunday, Liberty RC Wheelers club is holding a 1/5th scale race like I walked about in Weed Whacker Dreams. Check out the Liberty RC Wheelers site on Hob Zob for info and call the club President, Steve Haga for instructions for getting to the track. (Steve’s number is on the Hob Zob site.)

Go racing, Have fun,

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