Wednesday, June 23rd, is the opening day of the Sonoma-Marin Fair. It is also Kids’ Day.

Dads and kids building models.

HobbyTown USA will be at the fair from 2-5pm hosting a free model building Make & Go workshop for parents and kids. Building model kits is a hobby your kids can enjoy for a lifetime. It’s fun, it’s creative, and it’s constructive! It helps kids develop valuable skills, such as patience, attention to detail, following instructions, and it provides them with a strong sense of accomplishment. Come to the community building at the fair to pick out an easy to build snap together model of the space shuttle, a custom car, or an airplane. We will provide any help you need to assemble your model.

Customizing a model.

Once your model is built you can decorate it with stickers and customize it with markers. Make it realistic or make it wild, then put it on display or take it with you as a souvenir of the Fair.

Come to the Fair and have fun,

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