If you’ve ever wanted to fly but were put off by the time and expense of taking flying lessons, then the local Wine Country Flyers club has your solution. Of course we are talking about flying scale model airplanes.

Learn to Fly Day

A young lady learns to fly with the Wine Country Flyers.

This Saturday, June 12th, from 9:00AM to 2:00PM the Wine Country Flyers will be hosting a Learn to Fly Day at their club flying field located in Geyserville. The flying fieldĀ is an easy 35 mile drive from Petaluma on North 101.

The process is simple and the experience is quite fun. Once you arrive at the field you register with a club member for your flying lesson. You will get a brief “ground school” where an instructor will explain how flying a model airplane works and what you can expect once you get to the flight line. After ground school you will have a short wait for your turn to fly but there will be plenty to enjoy as you look at the club members’ planes and watch flying demonstrations.

When your turn to fly arrives you will be escorted to the flight line and introduced to your flying instructor. Most training flights are performed with a “buddy box” where the radio that you use to control the model airplane is connected to the instructor’s radio. The instructor can take control at any time to help you out. The instructor will take off and get the plane to a good altitude before turning control over to you. At that point the instructor will talk you through straight and level flight and proper turning technique for circling the field. If you show some aptitude you might even get a chance to try a roll or a loop. After an exhillarating first flight the instructor will again take control and bring you in for a safe landing.

At a Learn to Fly Day event last year nearly 60 kids (of all ages) had the opportunity to try flying a radio controlled plane.

For directions and additional information, email learntofly@wcflyers.com. You can also learn more about the club at its website, http://www.wcflyers.com. Go ahead, give it a try!

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