Drive up to Sal Lake in Healdsburg this Memorial Day to witness some radio control float plane flying and to pay tribute to Wine Country Flyers member John Lehtio who passed away in March.

John Lehtio rescues a plane.

John Lehtio rescues a plane.

John was an active member of the Wine Country Flyers and is best know as the water rescue man at the club’s float fly events. John would bring his canoe and paddle to to the lake and rescue any plane that stalled on the water or decided to go for a swim despite the pilots instructions. Some said he may have enjoyed rescuing the planes more than flying himself. You can read a further tribute to John at the Wine Country Flyers website at: In Memorium John Lehtio.

At the Float Fly you will see all kinds of radio control planes taking off and landing on the water. Some members bring detailed scale amphibious models while others have fun sport planes and trainers that have been equipped with floats for the day. You may even see a few radio control boats sneak on to the lake.

The public is invited to watch the flying and learn about the fun of radio controlled model aviation from the members. You must be a member of the Wine Country Flyers or Liberty Flyers club if you wish to fly.

Flying starts arounf 10:00am and lasts as long as weather and light permits. Pizza and soft drinks will be available at noon and there are restroom facilities on site.

Direction to the flying site just north of Healdsburg are on the Wine Country Flyers site at: Sal Lake Float Fly.

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