Some members of the shipwrights club discuss their models after a meeting.

The first Saturday morning of every month a group of modelers in love with ships and the history behind them meet to discuss their projects and share stories. The group is the Redwood Empire Model Shipwrights and for over 10 years they have drawn model boat builders from all over the North Bay.

Model ships of every shape, type, and size are welcome but it is easy to tell that tall sailing ships built from wood are their main passion. Many of the members have enjoyed careers on the water as merchant marines, sport sailors, and ship builders. They now remember and relive their experiences in the miniature ships that they build. Other members are just fascinated with the beauty of ships and the challenge of crafting a detailed model.

The skill level in the group ranges from beginners working on their first model to experienced craftsmen who build museum grade models from scratch. Member George Karitianos recently won a national modeling contest sponsored by the magazine Seaway’s Ships in Scale for his model of the Golden Hind captained by Sir Francis Drake.

The group’s next meeting is this Saturday, May 1st at HobbyTown USA. The meeting runs from 10am to noon. If you would like to see some impressive ship models, or hear a story of the sea, stop in.

Have fun,

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