A group of history enthusiasts meet weekly to reenact WWII battles complete with tanks, aircraft, and artillery. You may not be aware of these reenactments because they happen in miniature, in someone’s garage, on a 6’x17′ table top.

Ron painting a new batch of figures.

Ron Hubbard is the founder and leader of the North Bay Gaming Group. Ron loves history and has been involved in miniature war games since high school. About 16 years ago Ron and a few friends started meeting in his garage to play American Civil War and WWII miniature games. The group now has nearly 30 members and they meet weekly to play miniature games with scenarios ranging from medieval to science fiction, although WWII is still the main focus.

New players are always welcome and the group especially enjoys helping kids get started and explaining the history behind the games. “We play both general battles and recreations of actual events,” said Ron, “It is a great way for kids to connect with history.”

Players select an army that they want to command and then build and paint models of the units in that army. The models include soldiers, tanks, trucks, artillery, and aircraft and many players research the paint schemes and markings of of real battle units. Players also study the strengths and tactics of their army and of other armies so they know how to best deploy their forces against their opponent.

Preparing for battle.

Ron suggests that the best way to get started is to meet with a group first. Talk to players about their armies and seek their advice on selecting an army and building your first unit. An easy way to meet Ron’s group is at their weekly gatherings at HobbyTown, or their monthly all-day event on the last Saturday of each month.

The next all-day game day is this Saturday, April 24th, at HobbyTown USA.

You can also learn more about the North Bay Gaming Group by visiting the club website at http://pages.prodigy.net/ronnchris/ or email Ron at ron_acw62@yahoo.com

Have fun,

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