Something that has impressed me about the hobby club members I meet is their generosity when it comes to sharing their knowledge and skill with others. A couple members of the Wine Country Flyers radio control airplane club recently had the opportunity to demonstrate that generosity.

A couple months before Christmas the club was approached to help a group of kids from Austin Creek Elementary learn about the principles of flight and building flying models. They were participating in a program called Odyssey of the Mind where they had to design aircraft to complete six flying performances. Club members Patrick O’Halloran and Phil Leech met with the kids for seven weeks prior to Christmas to teach them how to build and fly model airplanes.

After Christmas the kids had to come up with their own solutions to complete the challenge. The skills that Patrick and Phil shared served the kids well. When Patrick and Phil returned in February to see how the group had done they were impressed with the kids’ progress and surprised by solutions that neither of them had imagined. The kids had taken the knowledge shared by the club members and built upon it with their own creativity to achieve some real out of the box” solutions.

On Feb 27th, the kids went to Santa Rosa High School to compete against other schools for the best solution. They finished with a second place! Thank you to Patrick and Phil and congratulations to the creative flying team from Austin Creek Elementary.

You can learn more about the Wine Country Flyers at their website

It is often difficult to tell which is more fun, the satisfaction of participating in a hobby or the joy of sharing it with others.

Have fun,

Phil and Patrick with the Austin Creek students

Phil and Patrick with the Austin Creek students

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