Boating and Pokemon this Weekend

Today 12:30 - 2:30 Sonoma County (R/C) Boaters Club. Model Boating at the Lucchesi Pond in Petaluma. Bring your model boats and meet other modelers interested in building and operating radio controled model boats. More Info... Sunday 10:00am - 5:00pm Pokemon Battle Roads Tournament Bring your Pokemon pocket monsters to HobbyTown USA and match your [...]

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Hobby Events this Weekend

Hey families, this is a great weekend to get out and have some fun. Along with the Salute to American Graffiti this weekend there are some fun hobby activities going on as well. Friday evening: Slot Car Racing at the American Graffiti Cruise-in at the Petaluma Plaza, 4-7pm. HobbyTown USA will be setting up a [...]

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Community Board Game Days

Just in time for Mother's Day. If you are looking for something to do as a family (or just dad and kids while mom relaxes) this Sunday try the Community Board Game Day at HobbyTown USA. Steve Salkovics of Sebastopol has organized the event as a way for people to come together and enjoy playing [...]

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New Model Boat Club

A new radio controlled model boat club has formed for Sonoma County and it meets once a month at the Lucchesi Pond in Petaluma. The club goes by the name SoCoBo (for Sonoma County Boaters.) Here is a link to their website: http://socoboaters.webs.com/ and this is a discussion thread about the group on the RC [...]

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Hobby Expo Report and Pics

Did you go to the Hobby Expo on Saturday, Feb. 19th? If not, you missed a fun event full of history, scale models, robots, radio controlled vehicles, and free activities. The Hobby Expo is hosted by the Santa Rosa and Mt. Diablo chapters of the International Plastic Modelers Society (IPMS) and it has gained the [...]

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Trinkets, Toys, and Hobbies

This is the season when everyone's thoughts turn to gifts and playthings. Whether you are shopping for an old or a young child, you will probably add some playthings onto your gift list. As you go about your shopping, evaluate your purchases according to the properties of interest, durability, and budget. You can maximize the [...]

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Galactic Battle

Last weekend, Nov. 13, commanders from all over the galaxy brought their armies to Petaluma to test themselves in battle. What follows is the battle report as delivered by tournament leader Will Hearell: At the conclusion of our 1500pt 40K tournament three armies stood tall with more pride than any others. The terrifying Ork dredd [...]

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National Model Railroad Month

November is National Model Railroad Month. It makes sense doesn't it? The days are darker and colder, the holidays are coming, and you start to think about that train around the tree or maybe about what you might do to keep busy during the longer nights. If your thoughts are turning to model trains, then [...]

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Fall Model Contest Winners

Saturday, Oct. 16, HobbyTown USA of Petaluma hosted the local show for thw 2010 Fall National Model Contest. We had entries for tanks, planes, ships, cars, science fiction, and dioramas. The same day we hosted the monthly Model Building Day and a seminar on how to model water and waves for a ship diorama. [...]

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Pocket Monsters!

On Sunday, October 10, a group of people came to Petaluma to pit their collection of pocket monsters against those of other players. The game is Pokemon (a contraction of pocket monsters) and the event was a Battle Roads tournament where players compete to earn points which will take them on higher level tournaments and [...]

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